“In order to achieve holistic human development, we must give impetus to the person’s health, education, protection, shelter, welfare, and the freedom to pursue his dreams for a better quality of life. I miss the government that provides the necessary support for quality education, promotes health and well-being, provides for those who have less in life and offers opportunity for the realization of one’s dream for a more productive and dignified life for him and for his family.”

    “The concept of providing infrastructure must be founded on the need of the community and the ability of the government to provide given its financial resources and its internal capability to implement them. It must be prioritized based on its strategic value to the over-all development of the municipality rather than the political mileage of the decision maker. My administration as a mayor and governor have invested on prioritizing the more strategic infrastructure and built its internal capability to build those infrastructure projects at a much lesser cost. However, in order to sustain your efforts, you must be able to upgrade your capability to make your effort more efficient and sustainable.”

    “There is no perfect formula in managing a local government unit but my experience have taught me the value of development planning and people’s consultation, fiscal management, organizational reform and leading by example. Prestigious organizations may have seen the impact of my efforts that they conferred to me the recognition of being the Most Outstanding Governor of the Philippines and the Most Outstanding Local Chief Executive Awards. However, the greatest recognition that I personally feel is when people appreciate your efforts and knowing that they feel and experience that their government cares for them and their future.”

    “Even when I was working as manager of our rural bank then and after I served various posts in the government, I came to realize that economic development has never been inclusive. The benefits of economic growth are always enjoyed by a handful of individuals who has the means, influence and the power over others. Even under a free enterprise economy, I always believe that government can equalize, can level the playing field and can provide the necessary environment that people can have equal, free and easy access to economic opportunities either through direct incentives or appropriate policy support.”

    “Panay is endowed with abundant blessings from the land, rivers and the sea. These resources provides sustenance to the Pan-ayanon and even to the people of Capiz. In order for these resources to be sustainable, we need to conserve, develop and properly manage them so as to ensure food security and economic prosperity for the Pan-ayanons. Apart from regulating the use of these resources, government must ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to benefit from these bounties and must ensure that it shall not fall under the control of the powerful and those that have the means to monopolize and take exclusive control.”

    “Panay's topography has always been the physical limitation in providing a more sustainable way of managing its material wastes. If the established and traditional way is not applicable, government must adopt creative and vigorous efforts, adopt new technology and advocate to ingrain the value of sustainable waste management into the culture of the Pan-ayanon. The challenge that the climate change phenomena is posing to our very existence are primary reasons that we all must work to protect our environment for the future generation.”